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OC is short for Original Character or Own Character. It's a character someone designed, with an original story. In this section I introduce you to the most common characters you see in my pictures.
Andrews Story

This story is set in our world and another world that is called the Alias
in which people with powers and creatures live.

Andrew Carter

  • BIRTHDAY06 April (Aries)
  • ABILITIESIs able to create pocket dimensions and has regenerative powers
  • CHARACTERcalm, empathic, loyal, purposeful, inquisitive

I created Andrew in 2013, that means he was my first character I would call an OC.

Born in 1914, Andrew always had a strong tendency to work with dangerous people. Lucio, who told him he was a general at that time, quickly took a liking in Andrew’s loyalty and competence. When Andrew had proved himself enough, Lucio granted him an insight into the Alias – another world with foreign creatures.

When Andrew was killed in a fight, Lucio called him back to life and gave him the power of immortality. In return, Lucio demanded absolute loyalty. Since then Andrew worked for Lucio.

His pets are Amber the Corgi and Joy the Samoyed.

Meelah Chioke

  • BIRTHDAY23 January (Aquarius)
  • ABILITIESAble to see someones aura, close combat, self-defense, skilled with various weapons
  • CHARACTERfearless, hardworking, resilient, brave, relaxed

Meelah is, just like Andrew, one of the most important workers for Lucio. She is very reliable and in addition to her ability to see auras, she also has many years of practice in combat. The handling of weapons was taught to her by ​​weapons masters in the Alias. She takes her job very seriously and as a workaholic, also focuses her life mainly on this. She does not shy away from jobs as a assassin when it pays off for her.

Matthew Diaz

  • BIRTHDAY04 November (Scorpio)
  • ABILITIESShapeshifting
  • CHARACTERextroverted, loud, active, slack, cheerful, careless

Is called Matt by all his friends. He is known as a lazybones who does not really take a job seriously. He is a shapeshifter, but despite his ability, he does not get jobs from Lucio because he is too unreliable. Matt is Andrew’s best friend, and though they are quite different and argue sometimes, they help each other when they’re in trouble.


  • SeveralABILITYS
  • CHARACTERsovereign, calculated, cool, rough, power-conscious, charismatic

He is one of the leading powers in the Alias and Andrew’s boss. Lucio doesn’t fool around: If one of his workers disobeys his orders, the consequences for that person would be fatal.

Lucio can quickly detect people’s weaknesses and knows how to use this against them.

Not much is known about him. No one know how old he is, all of his abilitys and it’s unknown how he took over the majority of the Alias.


  • BIRTHDAY22 April (Taurus)
  • CHARACTER cheerful, imaginative, reserved, nervous

My alter ego, kind of an self-insert character to explore the world of my OCs.

I think a lot of artist draw themselfes in a comic style – it brings me joy and I can interact with my OCs and learn a bit more about them

Cryptids & Monsters

A story about the two cryptids Mo and Arko, which are outcasts, because they are the worst version of their kind.
They are best friends and live together in a house under a tree.


  • BIRTHDAY25 March (Aries)
  • SPECIESMothman
  • CHARACTERCheeky, helpful, calm, kind

When he was younger, he lived in the streets of a small town until Arko found, and befriended him. Since Mo is a cryptid and can not live among humans, the two have made plans to live in the forest under the roots of a large tree. Although Mo has not had any good experiences in the city, he is fascinated by people and wants to learn more about them. He likes K-Pop and loves sewing and fashion. He makes his own clothes, because of his four arms and wings.


  • BIRTHDAY05 July (Cancer)
  • SPECIESArgus
  • CHARACTERQuiet, withdrawn, pessimistic, smart, misanthropic, would do anything for his friends (but would never admit this)

Arko grew up in the city, but since people are dangerous and would capture or kill him if they would find about about monsters, he eventually disappeared into the forest or hid in caves. Later he found Mo and they became close friends.
If he does not cover his eyes with bandages, he suffers from headaches and dizziness and therefore only uses his one eye. That’s why one can easily mistake him for a  Cyclops.

Moonsight Academy

The eleven students in the Pegasus class experience all kinds of adventures at the Moonsight Academy.
Wether they’re trying to solve secrets, test their friendship, or just trying to complete a
school project, these kids will never get bored!


  • BIRTHDAY24 February (Pisces)
  • SPECIESHuman
  • ABILITIESNo known powers
  • CHARACTERJoyful, energetic, funny, confident, impulsive, loud

April is a dreamer who is always full of mischief. She is very extroverted and quickly made friends with Jason and Cat during the first year of school. She can be a bit cheeky at times but always wants the best for everyone. Both of her parents have a skill, so she goes to the Moonsight Academy to learn more about her unknown skill.


  • BIRTHDAY11 May (Taurus)
  • SPECIESHuman
  • ABILITIESShapeshifting (Animals)
  • CHARACTERShy, friendly, honest, anxious, nervous, loyal, humble, creative

Jason is very introverted but feels very comfortable with his best friends. Even if he‘s not very brave, he would do anything for them. He‘s a shapeshifter and his favorite shape is a dog.


  • BIRTHDAY16 February (Aquarius)
  • SPECIESHuman
  • ABILITIESTelekinesis
  • CHARACTEROpen, collected, cool, body-positive, brave

Although Cat is not a witch, she likes to pretend that she can use her telekinetic skills to do magic, for example by making things float mid-air. She is adventurous and would do anything for her friends, even if that means she barely gets away with a black eye. When Cat is not spending time with her friends, she reads a book or has a quiet cup of tea.


  • BIRTHDAY06 June (Gemini)
  • SPECIESDemon
  • ABILITIESHe is really tough
  • CHARACTERDaredevil, chill, caring, laidback, confident, cool

Zach and Henryk get along very well, although Zach has always got him in trouble since childhood. He dislikes his parents because he grew up in a very strict home. Zach is liked by most students, even if some are annoyed with his large ego. Although he looks like a slacker, he is very agile and has good stamina and durability in a fight.


  • BIRTHDAY13 December (Sagittarius)
  • SPECIESAngel
  • ABILITIESHealing, creating a little ball of light, flying
  • CHARACTERQuiet, monotone, neutral, collected

Henryk prefers to spend his time alone or with his brother Zach. The two have been very close since childhood which mostly ment that Zach would get him into trouble or cause him to do rebellious things. He also started smoking because he challenged him to do so. Even if Henryk doesn‘t speak much, it is important to him that his friends are treated fairly and he stands up for them (even if it ends in a fight).


  • BIRTHDAY01 January (Capricorn)
  • SPECIESCyborg
  • ABILITIESGood with anything tech-related, can control electric devices from a distance
  • CHARACTERMonotone, analytical, calm, collected, sarcastic, smart

Kara is a lone wolf and prefers to be alone most of the time. She is usually close to the class even if she doesn‘t talk a lot. You rarely see her smile, but that doesn‘t mean she‘s in a bad mood. Kara is analytical and can be very sarcastic. She spends most of her time on small projects where she tinkers with new technology. She built and modified both of her robotic arms. She‘s vegan and cares a lot about animals.


  • BIRTHDAY02 August (Leo)
  • SPECIESHuman
  • ABILITIESSuper strength
  • CHARACTERCheeky, tough, friendly, helpful, sassy, caring

Gloria loves spending time with her friends She‘s interested in a lot of different sports, but not necessarily the ones that Sophie likes, like swimming and skateboarding. In that case, she just watches and cheers for her.


  • BIRTHDAY24 September (Libra)
  • SPECIESSiren
  • ABILITIESCharming
  • CHARACTERBubbly, happy, quirky, smart, impatient, jittery

Sophie is lively and always on the move. She loves all kinds of sports and spends her free time staying fit. Gloria is her haven of calm and the two are rarely seen apart. Since her father is the janitor of the academy, Sophie has many special rights when it comes to opening a door that shouldn‘t be opened.


  • BIRTHDAY01 April (Aries)
  • SPECIESMarionette/Puppet
  • ABILITIESCan control others like puppets
  • CHARACTERWeird, rude, energetic

Lawrence is the class clown, a smartass and often causes trouble. He loves to create chaos and despite his powers, he is incompetent when it comes to putting his plans into action. He finds it difficult to understand people and their feelings, which makes it difficult for him to make friends. When he opens his third eye he is can control people like puppets. Since it is forbidden at the academy to use such skills for bad, he doesn‘t use it very often. He likes to troll and annoy his classmates.


  • BIRTHDAY30 June (Cancer)
  • SPECIESHarpy
  • CHARACTERCalm, caring, loving, empathetic, solicitous

Spencer grew up in a caring and loving home and wants to share that with the world. Although he gets along well with everyone, he spends most of his time with Lee, and calls him his best friend. Spencer is very creative and loves art and music. He likes to give handmade presents to other classmates to make them happy.


  • BIRTHDAY15 November (Scorpio)
  • ABILITIESTeleportation
  • CHARACTERGrumpy, moody, mischievous, impulsive

Leeroy gets angry real fast and has a short temper. He has no indoor voice and doesn‘t get along with most of his classmates. He‘s friends with Spencer because he is very forgiving and deals with his shenanigans with love and compassion. Leeroy is the youngest out of 5 kids. His sister works at the Moonsight Cafe and teases him, when he visits. He uses his teleportation powers all the time to compensate for his height … NEVER comment on his height!

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