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My name is Loonaxy and I am 29 years old. I live in Germany and work as a graphic designer in a small agency. In my free time I love creating art, snapping photos, playing ukulele and scrolling through photos of Corgis!
I especially love drawing digitally but when I have no screen in front of me, I doodle on everything I can get (especially Post-Its) but I also like using water color!

Have you seen my digital stuff? Check it out!

Gimme those Pixels
Night Owl

Everything is better underneath sparkling stars. Drinking hot chocolate, talking with friends, drawing, or just enjoying the silence of the night. There’s something magical about the moon, but it’s also kinda weird when you think about it. A giant piece of rock floating through space. Wow.


That career didn’t work out, so I became a graphic designer. But I believe in the existence of Aliens and I love reading about paranormal stuff. If you see a scary YouTube video with a red circle in the thumbnail and “caught on tape” in the title, I probably already watched it!

Green Thumb

Although I really love nature, plants and flowers (you can tell by my drawings) they unfortunately, don’t like me. I’m still dreaming about a room full of flowers, but when I even managed to kill a cactus, I probably should stick to plastic plants.


I normaly listen to Alterative Rock, Metalcore, LoFi, Chillhop, Swing and Vintage but here are some gems I found from many many different genres!
You can click on the title to listen to the song, or if you want to listen to the whole playlist, you can find it here.

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